Why did we create Xeraphic?

Getting a view of your organisation is a nightmare. Trying to get a holistic picture of everything that is going on is incredibly difficult. Planning organisational change often requires an army of consultants to attempt to build a static picture of what is actually happening. 86% of organisations surveyed struggle to measure and quantify the true business case for organisational change and often budgets and time lines vary at such a dramatic pace it is difficult to refer back to the original plan. In this environment long-term forward planning is almost impossible to achieve without a high number of assumptions.

The challenge we found was:

1. Legacy operational systems were just not up for the challenge of aggregating, consolidating and integrating all of the required data


2.  BI systems that do data aggregation aren’t suitable for day to day opertions

That is why we created Xeraphic. 


Xeraphic is designed to help you achieve your operational goals by:

De-risking planning

Improving the return on investment

Ensuring you meet your delivery deadlines. 

Integrated business planning screen


Our belief 

Business excellence is a pre requisite not just an intention.

Your customer’s success is the goal that you should deliver.

We believe that service costing, resource management, financial planning and budgeting, demand and capacity management and portfolio management is an outcome from the process not an overhead.

Xeraphic challenges legacy thinking.


The Birth of Xeraphic and Unprecedented Growth

In 2012, Xeraphic’s Co-Founders Steve Devaney and Christian Gilcher became frustrated about the limitations of existing Corporate Resource and Financial management software , especially in fast-changing business environments. They had a combined 40 years of experience in Corporate Management, in various roles across global locations, but were not satisfied with how things worked.

With that in mind, Xeraphic was launched in Q4 2012. After that, it took less than 3 months before the first DAX30 customer in Germany was acquired, introducing the Financial Planning & Budgeting Module to streamline the Financial Management processes of a multi-million budget, in a fast-changing environment.

With this being the successful baseline for the underlying platform concept, 2014 saw the arrival of Resource and Capacity Management, Vendor Management, and Service Costing modules. In parallel, the core platform was re-architected to offer even higher flexibility and scalability, from a Data Model perspective. By that time, Xeraphic found that what they built, is exactly matching Gartner’s requirement for what they call “Integrated Business Planning”.

In Q3 2014, the company was converted into an AG company, in order to facilitate the upcoming organisational growth. Consequently, in Q1 2015, Keith O’Kelly joined the Management team as Executive Director of Sales and Marketing and Vincent Keogh joined the Management Team as Executive Director for Customer Success, part of Seraphic’s growth and scalability initiative. Both Christian and Steve had worked with Keith and Vincent over many years, is various organisation, which made it the logical choice to expand Xeraphic’s delivery capabilities, and to make their vast industry experience available to Xeraphic’s evolution.

Since that time ongoing funding and growth initiatives have ensured Xeraphic’s growth and sustainability with ever increasing interest, support and stellar achievement of corporate objectives.