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Improve Margins with Objective & Activity Driven Budgeting

Xeraphic’s provides a proven approach to managing core initiatives such as transformation or organisation with objective based or outcome driven models. This enables you to:

Build complex objective orientated outcome focussed financial models:

View full financial models including objective drill down, programme hierarchy, project budget down to activity level. This enables all of your teams to align and work to allocated financial/ programme objectives. Get everyone on the same page dynamically taking into account any changes to the project schedule. Quickly understand any of the financial implications of constraints such as supplier challenges, resourcing availability or milestone changes. Identify solutions and address financial impacts early – no blind-spots.

Understand current and financial impact of capacity trends.

Carry out complex financial what-if modelling to understand future capacity constraints and possible cost implications early to ensure that you are ahead of the game and not buying new services ad-hoc or in a piece meal fashion. Reduce your costs by consolidating and managing your resources and suppliers to maximise the value of the relationship. Easily set proactive alerts to drive increased proactivity and dominance in resource and supplier management.

Drill down from the high level model to the detail in seconds.

Gain unprecedented drill down capabilities to properly understand management issues to get a clear picture of what is going on. Adopt an iterative approach to financial management by making everyone accountable in the shared view. Finally get a clear and complete picture of the financial ecosystem.

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