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De-Risk Planning with bottom-up Big Data Modelling and Iterative Management

The volume of data required to understand current organisational dependencies is often costly to gather and understand. Often long hours of data analysis are required to get even a high level picture of what is going on in the business. The data challenge impacts the ability for management to fully understanding the critical dependencies and properly understand constraints. We believe this is why many transformational activities run into critical problems that can impact reputation, market confidence, customer as well as employee loyalty.

Xeraphic’s unique approach to data management enables you to:

Integrate all of your organisational information and interfacing systems in one central view.

For example, the ability to integrate real time cost information from the financial systems, stand alone tools and from third parties. Including all other relevant organisational performance information and obligations allows you to truly understand all critical relationships. Existing data can then be easily benchmarked with industry data to build a simple comparative model if required to quickly understand whether the relationships afford true business value. Leverage key integrations with other third party tools like Planview, Workday, Salesforce, Oracle and SAP to get a single view of all of your data.

Map complex processes, supply chains and service interdependencies.

View processes, impact, availability and time based models in order to, for the first time, understand how the organisational dependencies are impacting critical activities, services and deliverables.

Experience, improved centralisation across all organisational data resources

Whether structured or unstructured leverage your data to present rich results back to key stakeholders across your organisation. For instance, the ability to search the database for specific dependencies or constraints. Xeraphics’ strong analytical capability can show which factors impact the organisation whilst in parallel model organisational change to determine service profitability, service impact or cost paradigms. Build, model and manage organisational change for the first time all with the one integrated solution.

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