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Deliver on Time and Manage Critical Activities

Xeraphic enables you to finally integrate all of your supplier information with activities and critical deliverables, allowing you to:

De-risk critical deliverables by understanding key supplier, resources and organisational activities.

Quickly see how suppliers are meeting their required deliverables in real time and within the context of the overall project or activity. Understand the critical path and enable easy tracking of supplier obligations in an activity based view. ensure activities are aligned with supplier contract conditions to identify dependencies and provide status dashboards across all of your supply relationships. Easily benchmark across all of your suppliers to see which suppliers are performing and which suppliers need increased management and review.

Ensure supplier and resource performance are aligned with key deliverables, service levels, margins, timing and contract terms to identify opportunities to optimise.

Use the power of big data analytics to centralise all of your performance information in one central view to quickly get everyone on the same page around what is required to deliver on the plan. Easily benchmark your resources and suppliers and drive ever increasing levels of performance based on third party industry, market trend or financial data.

Save costs and manage the return on investment in line with critical activities and programme deliverables.

Manage suppliers based on a combined financial business case combined with value based activity delivery. Get an automated central view of delivery against activities through the integration of Xeraphic with traditional activity management solutions like PlanView, aptiv, Basecamp, Atlassian JIRA.

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