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Xeraphic Integrated Resource & Demand Management

The Xeraphic Integrated Resource & Demand Management module leverages the Xeraphic data model to provide a uniquely different way to manage resources, capacity, people and activities. Providing insights that were previously impossible with conventional relational software, Xeraphic’s schema-less approach to data management enables organisations to create, analyse, model and manage the complex resource and demand ecosystem. Optimise and integrate your resources by centralising your processes, technology and people with Xeraphic Integrated Resources & Demand Management.

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Here is a short video that talks about Resource and Demand Management with Xeraphic:

Xeraphic Integrated Supplier Management offers the following capabilities:

Resource Capacity Management

Xeraphic’s unique approach to resource capacity management enables you to:

Provide improved visibility of all of your resource information to understand current capacity, demand and trends.

Get a view of demand to understand strategic projects, regular projects, services, and other planned work and combine this with people and asset resource data such as calendars and any unplanned work. This enables you to leverage a systems thinking approach to identify the many variables that can impact resource workload, efficiency, and productivity. Leverage this data based view to accurately predict trends through predictive analytics.

Utilise scoring mechanisms to prioritise and optimise resource performance and utilisation.

Align organizational goals and priorities to create flexible scoring mechanisms that easily align resources with key goals and organisational objectives. Optimise resource utilisation to ensure that resources are focussed on the most important tasks and deliverables to ensure improved productivity and execution.

Enable an iterative approach and improve execution of objectives by aligning high level resource and demand models with detailed activities.

Like all planning, demand and resource management is not a one off activity. Typically, organisations plan organisational change only once and then manage the organisation to the plan. This approach does not factor in the velocity of change nor the complex and dynamic nature of modern organisations. Xeraphic offers the ability to reconcile capacity and demand planning with a transactional view to ensure alignment across all stakeholders and in a top down and bottom up paradigm ensuring constant alignment and the fostering of a truly iterative culture of management.

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Resource Availability and Performance

Xeraphic provides a proven approach to resource availability which enables you to:

Quickly view what resource capabilities are already available within your organisation through the collaboration of data from Legacy systems.

View all resources by deliverable, capability or performance. This enables your teams to identify which resources are already active within your organisation and key skills that can be utilised to address service or project needs. Identify solutions and address gaps early.

Understand current and future performance and skills gaps

Identify any resource capacity constraints and possible cost implications early to ensure that you are ahead of the game and not managing demand in an ad-hoc or in a piece meal fashion. Ensure your teams have the right skills and are being trained to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s demand. Reduce your costs by consolidating and managing your resources to maximise productivity. Easily set proactive alerts to drive increased proactivity and dominance in resource management.

Search the skills and capabilities database to find the right resource for your task

Gain unprecedented search capabilities to improve the utilisation of resources to stop your organisation succumbing to unnecessary churn and refresh rates.

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Big Data Analytics

Xeraphic’s unique approach to data management enables you to:

Integrate all of your resource information and interfacing systems in one central view.

For example, the ability to integrate real time cost information from the financial systems, performance information, contractors, asset data, service dependencies and other resource information allows you to truly understand organisational relationships. Existing service and  dependencies  relationships can be easily bench marked with industry data to build a simple comparative model to quickly understand whether the relationship affords true business value. Leverage key integrations with other third party tools like Workday, Success Factors, Oracle and SAP and other asset repositories to get a single view of all of your resource data.

Map complex resource relationships, service interdependencies.

View processes, impact, availability and time based capacity models in order to, for the first time, understand how resources are impacting critical activities, services and deliverables.

Experience, improved centralisation and across all resource databases

Whether structured or unstructured to present rich data results back to key stakeholders across your organisation. For instance, the ability to search the resource databases for specific capabilities or preferential salary or asset rates. Xeraphics’ strong analytical capability can show how resources impact the organisation whilst in parallel model organisational change to determine service profitability, service impact or resource cost paradigms. Build, model and manage organisational change for the first time all with the one integrated resource management solution.

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Xeraphic enables you to finally integrate all of your supplier information with activities and critical deliverables, allowing you to:

De-risk critical deliverables by understanding key resource activities.

Quickly see how resources are meeting their required deliverables in real time and within the context of the overall project or activity. Understand the critical path and enable easy tracking of resource obligations in an activity based view. Ensure activities are aligned with internal service levels to identify service and programme dependencies and provide status dashboards across all of your key deliverables. Easily benchmark across all of your resources to see which resources are performing and which resources need increased management and review.

Ensure resource activities are aligned with contract terms to identify opportunities for re-alignment.

Use the power of big data analytics to centralise all of your resource performance information in one central view to quickly get everyone on the same page about a resource relationship. Easily benchmark your resources and drive ever increasing levels of performance based on third party industry, market trend or financial data.

Save costs and manage the return on investment in line with critical activities and programme deliverables.

Finally manage resources based on business case delivery in line with value based activity. Get an automated, central view of delivery against activities through the integration of Xeraphic with traditional activity management solutions like Plan View, aptiv, Basecamp, Atlassian JIRA.

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