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Xeraphic Integrated Financial Planning & Budgeting

The Xeraphic Integrated Financial Planning & Budgeting capability leverages the Xeraphic data model to provide a uniquely different way to manage financial budgets to support your drive to deliver organisational objectives. Providing insights that were previously impossible with conventional relational software, Xeraphic’s schema-less approach to data management enables organisations to create, analyse, manage financial models to manage complex programmes, operational and service budgets. Optimise and integrate your financial planning by centralising your processes, technology and people with Xeraphic Integrated Financial Planning & Budgeting.

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Xeraphic Integrated Financial Planning & Budgeting offers the following capabilities:

Big Data Analytics

Xeraphic’s unique approach to data management enables you to:

Integrate all of your financial information and interfacing systems in one central view.

For example, the ability to integrate real time cost information from the financial systems, project costs, business cases, third parties cost structures and other financial information and contracts allows you to truly understand supplier relationships. Existing supply relationships can be easily benchmarked with industry data to build a simple comparative model to quickly understand whether the relationship affords true business value. Leverage key integrations with other third party tools like Planview, Oracle and SAP to get a single view of all of your supplier data.

Map complex financial models, operational scenarios and service interdependencies.

View processes, impact, availability and time based financial models in order to for the first time understand financial impact of critical activities, suppliers, resources, services and deliverables.

Experience, improved centralisation and across all financial data resources

Whether structured or unstructured to present rich results back to key stakeholders across your organisation. For instance, the ability to drill down into the transactional detail from a high level what-if model. Xeraphics’ strong analytical capability can show how services, activities, suppliers and resources impact the organisation financially whilst in parallel model organisational change to determine service profitability, service impact or supplier/resource cost paradigms. Build, model and manage organisational change for the first time all with the one integrated financial solution.

Activity expenditure

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Objectives & Activity Budgeting

Xeraphic’s provides proven approach to managing core initiatives such as transformation or organisation with objective based or outcome driven models. This enables you to:

Build complex objective orientated outcome focussed financial models:

View full financial models including objective drill down, programme hierarchy, project budget down to activity level. This enables all of your teams to align and work to allocated financial/ programme objectives. Get everyone on the same page dynamically taking into account any changes to the project schedule. Quickly understand any of the financial implications of constraints such as supplier challenges, resourcing availability or milestone changes. Identify solutions and address financial impacts early – no blind-spots.

Understand current and financial impact of capacity trends.

Carry out complex financial what-if modelling to understand future capacity constraints and possible cost implications early to ensure that you are ahead of the game and not buying new services ad-hoc or in a piece meal fashion. Reduce your costs by consolidating and managing your resources and suppliers to maximise the value of the relationship. Easily set proactive alerts to drive increased proactivity and dominance in resource and supplier management.

Drill down from the high level model to the detail in seconds.

Gain unprecedented drill down capabilities to properly understand management issues to get a clear picture of what is going on. Adopt an iterative approach to financial management by making everyone accountable in the shared view. Finally get a clear and complete picture of the financial ecosystem.

Budget forecast

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 Activity level financial management

Xeraphic enables you to maximise your activity based budgeting for projects and programmes by allowing you to:

Manage activity budgets right down to individual resources, suppliers, deliverables, value cases or assets enabling complete line of site

Quickly see intuitive activity dashboards across all of your critical tasks and projects. View all activities to determine exactly what is different from agreed projections to enable complete management of activities.

Quickly understand variance for a specific activity to understand exactly what has changed since the planning phase

Use the variance capability to quickly and easily view actuals against projected costs for specific activities. Spot inconsistencies and gain a true understanding of the which tasks, projects or programmes are causing the objective to not meet agreed financial expectations.

Benchmark all activities to determine forecast variance and target attainment.

Benchmark and compare different activity groups to compare different forecast conditions. Drill down to understand which suppliers, resources, managers or assets are causing any financial constraints in  delivery.  the latest automation and crowdsourcing capabilities to minimise manual data entry. Provide suppliers with automated Request for information, request for proposals that deliver industry data right to your door. Robust supplier collaboration ensure that internal stake-holders are able to provide feedback straight into the system.

Activity variance

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Operational Level Financial Management

Xeraphic enables you to finally integrate all of your operational financial information, allowing you to:

Gain a better understanding of operational consumption models

Quickly see how operational departments are meeting their required deliverables in real time and within the context of the overall operation. Easily drill down from operational budgets to departments, single resources or supplier contracts. Model changes to operations to see potential financial outcomes.

Align and allocate operational budgets to key team members to manage the operations forecast

Allocate operational budget to key owners and manage the operational forecast. Manage the team to guarantee financial outcomes and get instant blow by blow analytics on any operational forecast variance.

Easily compare operational activities with project activities to quickly understand any financial overlap

Finally see which project or programme activities are impacting operational productivity – get the right balance of activity and operational based budgeting and forecasting.

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